Github profile and repository component npm module


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When you are creating your personal website or blog, it is great way to show off your Github profile in a way so other can see what you do and what can you do. If you are writing about some project, for example as I am doing right now, easy solution for you and your reader is to have some graphical showecase for project which is the link to the repository and code at the same time. Github user repository component card is my first npm module I made and published is bacically React component used for generating card for user's Github profile or repository.

About module

As you probably know npm is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language maintained by npm, Inc. npm is the default package manager for the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js. It is pretty easy to use, so if you want to install this npm module it is neccassarry to have npm installed in your system and run command

NPM module and repository

I will not go through detailed explanation here about code, you can read all out or even try it at npm repository As well, you can check bellow, this card is made with github-user-repo-card. If you want to see demo you can checkout Example


In order to install the newest version of github-user-repo-card in your project your standard npm command for installing module.

npm i github-user-repo-card

Contribution and Issues

If you want to contribute to the project wheather it would be by reporting an issue in the ahref="" github issues or you would like to make changes to the code, feel free to open pull request or fork the project. My goal is to make it better and usefull to the masses, so if you have some feature which would suits to you, I will repeat again, dont mind opening issue/disscusion, make changes in the code or you can contact me as well.